We are proud to announce the release of production guide that will help you get started quickly. The guide was released by Studio Dancini and available free. To download, please check out our link below. Our guide covers the following topics: Communication, Quote Requests, Remote Sessions, Pre-Production, Production, Final Delivery.

Document title: Dancini Production Guide
Author: Studio Dancini (team)
Copyright: ℗© 2021 Studio Dancin
Summary: A quick guide to music production at Studio Dancini

The production guide is available for digital download here!

About Studio Dancini

Studio Dancini is an audio recording, mixing and mastering studio based in Tallahassee, Florida. The studio is a collaboration of some of the best mixing and mastering engineers as well as artists from around the world. Contact us today to get your music, voice-over or podcast production ready for digital distribution and broadcasting.

You can contact the artist here: contact page.


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Get permission to use our copyrighted music for your next content creation project: We offer licenses for cinema and film, trailers, TV shows, broadcast news, YouTube and other video platforms, documentaries, web, ads, corporate presentations, weddings, derivatives, grand rights and more.

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