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Music Production

You have a vision, we have the method and expertise and some of the best ears, styles and creative staff of producers, studio guns, session musicians and a creative design team that will knock your socks off. Together we can create a masterpiece and bring your vision or idea to life. Mind blown.

Our clients and their music are part of the growing musical revolution, and we are honored to be a part of it.

Recording Studio

We have several recording packages available for you; we suggest just starting with the basic instrument you need. This allows you more flexibility should you decide along the way that you’d prefer to add another instrument now or later down the road. Book some time now and talk with one the Studio Dancini Team, absolutely free, and let us help you.

Video Production

We also offer music videos production services so you can get your final product onto important social platforms like YouTube, Instagram and others. Uploading your music onto video platforms is vital in today’s music industry. Contact us today, if you would like to get a professional music video done for your song or audio production.

Audio Services

Mixing and Mastering / Guitars / Piano, Keyboard, Synth / Bass / Drums / Strings / Vocals / Audio Enhancement for Podcasts & Videos

Marketing Services

Design Team / Album Covers / Logos / T-Shirts / Lyrical Videos / Music Videos / Facebook, YouTube, Instagram Banners / Ghost Writing / Lyric Services


We created a production guide, that will help you get started quickly. Our guide covers the following topics: Communication, Quote Requests, Remote Sessions, Pre-Production, Production, Final Delivery.

Click here to download our free guide today!

Looking for a recording Studio?

Look no further. We constantly strive to create professional products & services for aspiring new artists. If you think you have the talent, send us a message now and get a free introduction to studio recording. Contact us today!

Our Mission


Yes, We Said Royalty-Free: When you produce a song with Studio Dancini, it’s yours, and you get to keep all the royalties. We are work-for-hire and our services are royalty-free, no matter what the project’s purpose is.


Because each project is unique, our rates for music arrangement or production services depend on the specifics of each project. We only charge for what you really need.


We offer free initial consultations which allow us to: Gather information, plan productions, offer you our best price possible and ensure mutual understanding of our process and your goals.


We understand that most independent artists do not have a major-record-label budget. At Studio Dancini we will explore every option to lower the overall cost, and we will never sacrifice the quality of your final product.

Song License


Get permission to use our copyrighted music for your next content creation project: We offer licenses for cinema and film, trailers, TV shows, broadcast news, YouTube and other video platforms, documentaries, web, ads, corporate presentations, weddings, derivatives, grand rights and more.

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